The level of the lessons is too easy/too difficult.

If you are just beginning your training, it's normal that the level may seem too easy or too difficult for you. During the first 10 lessons of the program, our software assesses your level, your weaknesses and strengths using questions and texts that are common to all users. It is therefore normal during this period to encounter points that are too easy or too difficult. This approach is essential to appropriately assess your level and deliver you appropriate content in future lessons.

Our software will begin to customize the content of the lessons (grammar points, vocabulary review, etc.) based on your initial answers, even during the evaluation period.

After the evaluation phase, our software takes many different parameters into account in order to create your daily course: your level, the level of the texts and audios, areas of professional or personal interest, the length of the episodes, etc. 

If, in spite of this, the content still seems too difficult, we invite you to test the Rich Morning Show, intended for beginners (big and small):

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