I didn't receive my daily lesson - should I panic?

Don't panic. You always have the option of accessing your latest lesson from your Workbook, under the 'Pedagogy' tab. ('What is the Workbook? How do I access it?')

Possible reasons for a missing lesson:

  • Have you checked your junk e-mail or SPAM?

Our lessons are sometimes filtered as SPAM, so you may need to check your junk mail or SPAM folder. In addition, feel free to add the following address to your address book or list of contacts: gymglish.en@faq.gymglish.com

  • Did you answer your last lesson?

If you didn't answer your last lesson, it's normal that you haven't received a new one. Our system only sends a new lesson if the last one was completed! If you don't reply to a lesson within 3 days, we will send you a reminder e-mail with a slightly different lesson.

If you have replied to your latest lesson, make sure that you received the correction.

If you haven't received a correction, it is possible that your answers haven't reached us (the reception of your lesson is always confirmed by a message after you click on the SEND button). If you haven't received this message, try re-doing your latest lesson.

  • Make sure that your reception days are correct.

At the bottom of each lesson or correction, you have the option of choosing the reception days for your lessons (within the limit of 5 per week). Make sure that the desired reception days are properly selected! This option is also present in your Workbook ('Settings' > 'General Info' tab).

  • Make sure you're not on 'vacation'.

At the bottom of each lesson or correction, you have the option of suspending your lessons during the period of your choice (vacation or planned absences for example). If you haven't received a lesson, double check that you're not 'on vacation' in your Workbook ('Settings' > 'General Info' tab)! Also, please enjoy your vacation.

  • Make sure you reply to your daily lesson before midnight.

Our software sends lessons to our users beginning at midnight. If you haven't replied to your lesson by that time, we consider it to be 'unanswered', and we will not send you a new one (until 3 days have passed)!

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