Funky Friday

This feature is not available anymore.

On the last Friday of the month, for users who have finished the evaluation phase, Gymglish (English lessons) presents a special episode without grammar or memorization exercises, in which the plot is influenced by the votes of our users. At the end of this special lesson, users worldwide vote for the next step of the story. The Gymglish authors then write the next "Funky Friday" based on your votes, because we're flexible, and we love you.

Funky Friday lessons tend to be funkier than your normal lessons, and they are completely optional. If you prefer traditional lessons without "edgier" themes, we recommend you opt-out of Funky Friday. Here's how: click on the Settings link present at the informative box in the beginning of each Funky Friday lesson (or under the "Settings" > "Funky Friday" tab of your User Space), you have the option to receive a normal lesson each month. Personally, we recommend adding a bit of funk to your life.

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