Is a payment via Adyen secure?

Yes! When you purchase a subscription, the secure transaction is executed by our payment provider, Adyen. During the bank card payment phase, you will briefly leave our site to reach Adyen's secure payment interface.

This guarantees that:

  • will never receive your debit or credit card number.
  • Adyen will not know the details of your purchase - only the total amount and the order number are transmitted to them.
Adyen uses the standardized encryption system called "SSL protocol".

This encryption system is signalled on the payment page by the presence of a pictogram at the bottom of your browser with either a key or padlock.

In your browser's address bar, the browser should read "https://" and not http://.

When switching from unencrypted mode to encrypted mode (and inversely), newer browsers often display a message warning you of the change.

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