When will I receive my Portfolio (initial level assessment)?

After your first group of lessons, you’ll receive personalized Portfolio containing a level assessment and an outline of your current strengths and weaknesses. Your level is determined in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). As you continue your lessons, we’ll keep your level assessment up-to-date in real time. You’ll be able to see how you’ve improved over time in key areas such as grammar, reading and listening comprehension.

The assessment is done gradually over the course of your first lessons.

Please note that the portfolio is created only once. We will not update it, but your certificate of completion will show your progress.

Below you will find examples of the Portfolio and specific information depending on your course type:

Gymglish Portfolio

Your Gymglish portfolio is delivered after you've completed 10 lessons.

Frantastique "FLE" Portfolio

Your Frantastique "FLE" portfolio is delivered after you've completed 7 lessons.

Please note that Frantastique also exists for native French speakers.

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