Getting started with Gymglish

Your first lesson

In your first lesson, you’ll find short explanations of our approach and our pedagogy, as well as information about our exercises (oral and written comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, etc.). No initial placement test is required: assessment is done over the course of the lessons you complete, so don’t be surprised if your lessons seem too easy or too difficult in the beginning!

Your correction

After sending your answers (by pressing the button at the end of your lesson), you’ll have access to a correction with your daily score, personalized comments, requested vocabulary words, audio scripts and more.

Your User Space

Your User Space allows you to personalize the content of your lessons, view your statistics and progress, change your reception days (PREMIUM and GOLD offers), recommend our lessons to your friends and family, access previous lessons and/or corrections and more. You can access your User Space by clicking your name at the top-right of the screen of any lesson or correction.

Reception days & vacation

You can choose the reception days for your lessons and plan absences (so as not to affect your participation rate) in your User Space or at the bottom of each lesson / correction (PREMIUM and GOLD offers).

Initial level and diploma

Your initial level is assessed over the course of your first lessons. You’ll then receive a pedagogical assessment (with the exception of our beginner courses). Once you’ve completed your training, you’ll receive a diploma (with the exception of our beginner courses).


Our courses are aimed at an audience of adults of all levels. After the evaluation phase, our software adapts the content of your daily lessons by taking into account answers given in lessons, the difficulty of the questions, participation rate, as well as the learning pace and the memorization capacity of each learner (with the exception of our beginner courses).


For a better user experience on your mobile device, download our iOS and Android apps for free.

Online help

Don’t forget to check out on Online help for any questions you may have!

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